Some electronic musical instruments

Electronic musical instruments are musical instruments that use circuits to produce sound. It must be said that the evolution of music has followed the technological one. There are several electronic musical instruments. In the following content, you will see some musical instruments used in electro. Acoustic instruments Acoustic instruments are one of the musical instruments […]

Some advice to become a recognized artist or producer?

Becoming an artist or producer and making a name for yourself is to gain notoriety in the musical world. But to get there, it must be done with technicality. Because it is not enough to become an artist or a producer without making yourself known. In this article, find out how not to cling to […]

How to become a pianist?

Playing the piano is not a gift you are born with. You can be a gifted pianist. But before you are, you learn it. Becoming a pianist is therefore not a magic thing. You just need to set to work with determination. To do this, you have to give yourself a lot more in your […]

Mastery of the guitarist game: how to get there?

You are a guitarist and an instrument lover, and you are always looking to improve yourself even more. This is quite normal. But for beginners, it’s a no-brainer. They need to improve. So you have to know how to do it with repeated exercises. The rest of this content will interest you a lot towards […]

How to play jazz on the guitar?

To play jazz on the guitar, there are techniques and a number of suitable materials. First, jazz is a large musical subgenre. Its roots go back even to the Blues, the funks, the bebop. To be successful in playing jazz with your guitar, you need to have a guitar with suitable equipment. Find a suitable […]