by Running Farm Labs

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Running Farm Labs is proud to introduce:


A revolutionary desktop speaker system
designed for people who like nice things.

Crystal-clear sound.

Timbre packs a big sound in a small package. Using its innovative acoustic mechanism, it delivers sound that's crisp, clear, and full-bodied. Music emanates from the entire front face of the speaker, transforming your desktop into a lively and enveloping soundstage.

Substantive beauty.

Timbre's classic beauty comes from its simple lines and quality materials. Crafted from precision-machined solid alder and stainless steel, it's designed to be as beautiful as a speaker can be.

Distinction by design.

Timbre is distinctive. It's unlike any other desktop speaker on the market. More than just electronics in a plastic box, Timbre isn't just a speaker; it's something special.



5" x 8" x 1.6"

Audio input:

3.5mm audio jack

Power Rating:

2 channels, 20W each

Frequency Response:

85 - 20 000Hz

Ships with a power supply and all required cables.

How it Works

The stainless steel sheet is driven by a voice coil and acts as both the diaphragm and suspension of the speaker. By reinforcing it in some areas and firmly clamping it in others, the frequency response and timbre can be tuned as desired.


The resulting system is compact, efficient, and ultra clean-looking.

Because the active area of the steel sheet is almost the full width of the speaker, Timbre is effectively "baffleless" in the horizontal listening plane. This results in fantastic imaging qualities and the creation of an immersive stereo soundstage.

Add to this the fact that Timbre is a full-range, single-driver system without a crossover to introduce muddling in the midrange, and the difference becomes even more pronounced!

The Team

Running Farm Labs is Dave, Jon, and Buddy — three mechanical engineering grad students at Stanford who like to make nice things. And we're also roommates. Our foray into the world of speakers began a mere two weeks after we moved into our apartment on Running Farm Lane, when we turned our credenza into a 200W subwoofer. The rest, as they say, is history. We've got the drive, the determination, and the technical experience to get the job done, and we can't wait to deliver Timbre to the world!

Timbre, meet the world.

Our Kickstarter campaign ended succesfully on October 30, 2013. Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we raised over 360% of our goal!

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